Very sad day today as we’ve heard shocking news from the famed duo Wasted Penguinz: they’ll be splitting!

Jon is the one leaving, while Pontuz will remain producing and DJ’ing as Wasted Penguinz. The problems they face with mental health are very well known to fans, and Jon points the stress and anxiety from the touring life as one of the main reasons for stepping aside. Another reason is losing passion for Hardstyle in general, so he’ll continue producing other genres.

Wasted Penguinz have been a duo many have held close to their hearts since the very beginning. They’ve once been the highlight of the more melodic side of Hardstyle, and contributed a lot to the genre since they started releasing in 2009. Their breakthrough was in 2010 when they signed to Scantraxx and released unforgettable tracks, such as Resistance, that was an absolute breakthrough for having been produced at 155 BPM, which was absolutely uncommon back in the days, Melancholia and Within, just to name a few.

Their next big step was in 2013, when they signed for Dirty Workz, where they continue releasing to this day. With this label they’ve brought out massive sentimental bangers that further propelled them to the highlights of the harder styles, such as All For Nothing, Wait For You, Inner Peace, It’s Our Moment, Black & White, FML, and also had time to venture though darker sounds with Fkn Alcoholics, released on Unite Records. They’ve also released 3 albums: Wistfulness, Clarity and Elysian.

Sad to see Jon go, but fortunately this isn’t the end of Wasted Penguinz! What do you expect for this duo in the future?

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