Gold Digger, the French label that everyone adores is back, blessing us with yet another compilation album, their Gold Digger Deluxe Edition VOL. 9, filled with 15 absolute bangers!

Starting out with perhaps the 2 most dynamic and overall best productions of the Album are Trst. With “Trippin’ !” and SOXX with “California 909”.

The man from California, Trst. has been tearing the scene up playing support acts to some of the greatest names out there, such as Dr. Fresch, Party Favor, Matroda, and so forth.

Releasing what might very well be the best track in the album is SOXX who we are well familiarized with and has been unstoppable. Ever since the release of “Rules 15” on Brohouse, the 17-year-old has been elevating and taking standards to an all time high, releasing an EP and now, “California 909“, one of the hardest hitting bass house tunes of 2020.

The youngster from Arizona, Ekonovah also stands out, releasing two spicy collaborations on this EP. “Rdl” with ANIMATE, a wonky track that features some catchy vocals, and unleashing it all on a wonderful energetic, Salvatore Ganacci style drop.

Get It” is his second collaboration with Audiobot, and unlike expected, the track doesn’t follow the same path as the previously mentioned. This one focuses on the filthy bassline and the bounce on the drop makes this one a must listen.

Another track that we couldn’t help but mention is “620” by Cashew and Mephi, a track that starts with a broad melody, creating this almost heavenly atmosphere before bursting its bubble of wonkiness, in a unique and mesmerizing drop.

Besides having one of the best label names out there, Gold Digger is known for their consistency and constant support to the industry’s upcoming names, giving them a platform to evolve and share to the world their work. Their success over the years is due to their great selection of artists and A&R’s, as well as the trust factor that they provide to everyone who has worked with them.

Great work by all the artists in the album, and an honorable mention goes to Ennemi, who decided to deliver a more “pop” influenced track, filled with vocal chops and a wonderful background melody.

Make sure to stream this compilation below! You won’t regret it!

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