Talented producer Cryex is bringing us Move The Crowd through Q-dance presents NEXT. This young man, who started producing just at twelve years old, and has already released tracks on End of Line, Massive Dynamic and Spoontech, is being sought by many because his tracks are undoubtedly amazing, and this track is one of the proof of that.

Move the Crowd, as the name says, is a track that will surely move the audience! The track contains very good drops with an incredible air piercing lead melody, which match the vocals that come through the middle of the track, and the climax is something great, being, in our opinion, the best part of the track!

Cryex is evolving a lot in the scene and the festivals are keeping an eye on him, as he is having a lot of success in his releases, and has already been present in festivals like Kingsday and Decibel!

Here’s his Spotify if you’re interested in listening to more tracks from it!

Hopefully Cryex gets more bookings so he can spread his quality more because we have a star to be born!

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