A new name on Scantraxx has been making quite the impact with his latest releases and this is yet another magical track! Nightcraft shows us what happens when he turns up the bass in his latest song.

When I Turn Up starts with a soft melody setting the tone for the whole track. It quickly ramps up to a kick with a nicely distorted bass. The break features some percussion elements that seem to be tribal inspired. The lead melody joins towards the end of the break and then we see most of the elements join together in the climax, with the melody sitting well on top of the kick and bass, without the lower frequencies overwhelming the higher ones.

You may have not year heard of Nightcraft yet, but he’s surely leaving his mark in the Hardstyle scene. Although he seems to be a new talent, he’s been on the harder styles for quite some time already, having done most of his work thus far as Royal S. Under this alias he started releasing Jumpstyle in 2008, under respectful imprints such as Sur+, Noize Junky and Dirty Workz Bounce, and has gradually shifted towards Hardstyle. This new alias of his explores Hardstyle that’s both heavy and melodic, and this is clearly working out well for him, so keep an eye out for this guy!

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