For this week’s 22nd edition of the Imminent Radioshow, we’ve brought you the best Afro House beats with the only and only MEITH!

This Portuguese DJ/Producer goes way back and he’s a reference in the Portuguese club scene. Influenced by African beats and rhythms, MEITH is one of the few that keeps the afro house flame alive. Featuring releases on G-Rex, Kontor and undeniable energy, MEITH’s addition to our radioshow was sure to be groovy. We caught up with him for the usual questions:

How was your start as an artist?

I guess I’ve never thought about being an artist. I grew up in a musical family, my cousins are great musicians and I’ve always loved seeing their growth, and that inspired me.

When I was in high school back in 2006/2007, I started “making beats” with a friend of mine using e-jay, a music software that had multiple editions, like hip-hop, dance, etc… Very basic software, to be honest. It had default sounds and loops, and all we had to do was arrange the sounds, we didn’t create anything there.

At the same time, the same friend taught me how to DJ, we spent a lot of hours mixing music in each other homes to learn and improve our skills. After that, it was just a matter of trying our luck in the clubs.

Biggest inspiration?

I really don’t have “the” biggest inspiration, I’ve always been guided by various people’s values and work methods. Whether that is any of my close friends, family, or even Cristiano Ronaldo or Daft Punk… there is so many great people around me that I cannot choose just one.

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

Well, there are obstacles every day. For me, the best way to surpass obstacles is keeping your eyes on the prize, always working hard and trusting the process. If you do, things will work and start falling into place! All we need is to do things with honesty, truth and love. Focus on the big picture and one can overcome anything!

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