Today, 8 years ago, Radical Redemption was beginning to shine in its music career by releasing his first album “Annihilate” and starting to spread its word and taste for his style.

In honor of his career, Radical Redemption announced that he is working on his 6th album, but this time, this album would contain 15 solo tracks out of respect for his production. He announced that these tracks would be one of the best tracks he has ever produced, containing his evolution over the years. “The One Man Army” is not dead!

Without any kind of pressure in relation to his events, Radical proved to be able to focus as much as possible on sessions in the studio and please all “radicals” around the world.

When his 5th album “Command & Conquer” came out, the fans received it with mixed reactions, because according to what they said, there were too many tracks to be produced and that, over time, people would stop listening to their music because it no longer had the same essence, and because the focus seemed to be on quantity instead of quality. At the time, Joey aka Radical was outraged, given he warned that he wanted to try new things and that producing music is what he loves to do the most, and people should show more respect instead of hating it, so we should be grateful for the tracks and not complain about them!

But even with this indignation, Radical listened to the fans and produced tracks that look a lot like the sounds of “The One Man Army“, the 3rd album produced, and it was with this album that he exploded and the scene started to become obsessed with him.

At this moment, he is one of the main artists responsible for the scene to have grown so much, people started listening to him more and more and at this moment he is going around the world, playing in a lot of venues, he even played where Hardstyle is not well known, here in Portugal! It was a huge achievement for the scene.

With all that being said, we’re very much looking forward to this album. What are your expectations for it? Let us know in our socials!

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