For those who do not know, Post Malone is one of (if not the) biggest name in the Hip Hop world and many of our producers take advantage of his voice which, by far, is the best voice this world will have in the Hip Hop scene for Remixes or Bootlegs to his songs.

We, fans of electronic music, often wonder where the ideas come from, where this voice and melody comes from, which together with the kick make up for a true show, and today we will show you some tracks that, in our opinion, did not arrive to the number of views that we wanted to arrive, or that many people heard at the time, and at the moment are forgotten tracks that cannot be forgotten!

Why Post Malone and not another singer? Well, because we think this singer is the ideal choice to be able to hear and enjoy something that is completely different from what we are used to hearing, who, personally, is one of the people who will get you singing the lyrics. This singer is by far one of the culprits of many magnificent tracks that are entitled to be heard by many, and in the future we will have even more producers to take his voice and his work to do it the way they like it and open your mind to new ideas because this is what we want, innovation and quality!

Take advantage of everything we see, feel and hear around us so we can do it the way we like it. We always have to open our horizons to new things and if you want to start somewhere, give it a try and listen to Post Malone’s lastest album, or some rock, or rap, why don’t you give it a try and expand yours horizons? Especially if you’re a producer as it helps to clear your mind and inspire you. Maybe a brilliant idea comes to mind, we never know!

Well, let’s talk about those tracks that will make you put the song “In Repeat”:

Thyron, a big fan of Post Malone, decided to drop everything on this track and the end result is brilliant! After several times played at an event, fans went crazy and looked forward to the release.

Warface, another great listener and a guy who’s building a perfect career so far, decided to show his skills in showing that he can overcome the limits more and more and, until today, we wait for the release of this track!

There’s also the Keiji bootleg to I Fall Apart that resulted in a very heartfelt Hardstyle track!

For the most forgotten, this track reached a record of 120 million listeners! It is always good to remember this type of track from time to time as it is a huge achievement for us, so that we can have more listeners of our favorite music styles!

Okay, let’s slow down the BPMs a bit and pay attention to the pace of this Remix that was released recently. Close your eyes and pay attention. Get carried away by the melody and the voice and take a trip back in time!

Is there room for one more Trap track? There is room for everything! Regardless of the style, the end result is what matters! How is this masterpiece only 77 thousand views? It’s time to update your playlist and put this track in there!

Wait, that’s not all! We have already mentioned a few times here on our website about our Portuguese producers and, next week, Alex T and one of the members of Dreamrz, Vator, will release a remix of Post Malone, do you want to know what the song and the final result are? Follow them on socials, maybe on the next week you get a surprise! We had the opportunity to listen to the track and we’re happy that those producers represent Portugal. Of course the portuguese nation is marked almost everywhere, we are only 11 million but we are effective!

Many bands and singers were the target of Bootlegs and remixes and we want to convey that there is always room to listen to new musical styles, even though we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, we know that if we open any platform where we can listen to music, research about something completely outside the common and one day we think that someday it might take a remix? Never say never!

Although it is good for us, to open our minds, it is good for electronic music to be able to grow even more worldwide and show the quality we have in our boys and girls to create more masterpieces like the ones mentioned above! What is your opinion on this topic? We want to know!

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