Tiësto was one of the pioneers in the current dance music industry and he continuously keeps pushing the scene forward and giving his touch to the modern club tracks, and he just released a big track alongside 7 Skies and RebMoe.

That’s right, the song you’ve probably been hearing on these guys Instagram for the past few weeks is finally out and My Frequency is one of those tracks that will stick inside your head for much longer than you would expect.

The track kicks off with RebMoe’s already iconic vocals (do yourself a favor and follow this girl, you’ll find hilarious content) and to the sound of If you wanna dance with me / You need to get my frequency / Early morning, late last night / The bassline makes me feel so right, the track quickly evolves into a dark version of a house(-ish) track. A combination of bass generic house with that tech house feeling. A weird mix that will get anyone dancing to their ‘frequency’.

You can now stream it everywhere! Let us know what you think about it!

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