Jay Dunham ain’t playin’ around in 2020, and “The Breakout” is proof of that in an unique new perspective of him.

Jay has been a producer bedbug for 8 years now, fueling his passion for the first time all the way back in 2012. Real name Jordan Hamana, this guy has a revolutionary new sound that’s just waiting to breakout (no pun intended).


With opportunities lining up regularly where Jay doesn’t waste a minute to show his talent, he sports releases on Armada, Tchami’s hailed Confession, Sans Merci and more; being supported by some of the biggest players in the business like Malaa, Tchami, DV&LM and even the king Hardwell himself.

This dude is slayin’ it in the bass house world, even becoming a new member of the recently revamped Hooders – a duo with whom he had collaborated in the past. Looking to launch his first release of 2020 with a bang, “The Breakout” comes bursting through the door h-a-r-d.

Kicking off with an industrial vocal and gritty af bassline, the percussion quickly kicks in a drop somewhat reminiscent of Gesaffelstein’s newer stuff. Ghostly arps and bouncin’ bass is all this is about, transitioning nicely to the breakdown. The vocal is recycled for an eerie and dark atmosphere, building up to the second core-shaking chorus, rounding off 3:05min of pure, unbridled Jay Dunham sound.

Don’t you dare waste any time to add this to your playlist! Give Jay a follow on social media and watch as this kid blows up the dance music world!

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