Young talent Voidax is seen once again releasing on Rough Recruits. Our readers have certainly heard of him. He’s recently gone big by joining the Rough Recruits imprint, and he’s definitely a valuable asset to the team. He started off releasing with Extinction, which threw him to the ones to watch list straight away. He’s since had more successful releases, such as Submerge and Demons. Now he presents us The Initiative!

Just as you press play, “nothing” happens, because the track slowly rises, catching the listener by surprise. There’s a very serious tone in the atmosphere from the get go, and we’re presented with a spoken world vocal from the Avengers movie. The breakbeat here leads to a build up that ends in a punchy kick, with the melody being another huge highlight. This is one of those tracks where the atmosphere makes up for most of it, and this approach to Hardstyle is definitely appreciated!

Hopefully we see this talented producer perform in the near future as well! Given his talent, it should make up for a great show. Let us know through our socials if you’ve been enjoying his latest tracks!

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