The UK producer and DJ Diamond Eyes released another great banger, on the well known NCS label, something that has been long awaited.

This is undoubtedly proof that it is possible to return again even when we hit the bottom and it seems that life is not fair to us. Diamond Eyes shows his new single “Gravity” at a time in his life when he needed to stop, reflect and realize that everything can make sense when we rethink. In this very special song, we see the full potential of Diamond Eyes, a quality Future Bass track with the features that the British DJ has accustomed his fans to.

After seeing his best friend, The Voice finalist in 2016, Christina Grimmie, being killed by a fan leaving The Plaza Live in Orlando he was in shock. Unfortunately for him, he suffered a disabling glandular flu and found himself involved in a violent relationship for which he put an end. All of this made the artist suffer from depression, agony and sadness for a long period, however, and fortunately, the artist rises out of this great torment.

As the artist explains: “‘Gravity‘ is about hitting pause on life when everything falls to the ground. I needed to stop and take stock before I moved on, something I think is relatable to pretty much everyone. You let the cards fall, breathe and find your peace.”

With all this, Diamond Eyes shows that it is firm to return to the stage and show all its ability to make music with quality and nothing better than this great theme, launched on NCS, a label well known by the British DJ.

Listen below the new track of Diamond Eyes:

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