If you’re reading this, you’re probably amongst the ones that waited a very long time for this track… Titans D-Block & S-te-Fan teamed up in the studio with D-Sturb and they’ve been teasing it for a while! From big to small festivals, this track has been everywhere lately, from Defqon.1 to Dancefloor, and it rocks any stage it’s played at!

Kicking off the track we have a smooth melody together with the already iconic vocals. This smoothness doesn’t prepare the listener for the mayhem that’s unleashed shortly after. There’s a quick build up leading us to a section that contains a punchy kick that’s just out of this world, with a very heavy bass. No time to rest with the short vocal break that follows it, which leads to yet another unrelentless section where we can definitely see D-Sturb’s touch in the kick and bass combination. The following section is where we see D-Block & S-te-Fan’s touch shining, combining the extreme roughness with a loud and clear melody that sounds very well live.

No words are fit to describe how insane and epic this collaboration is. We weren’t expecting anything other than perfection when we heard that one of the most relevant duos in Hard Dance was collaborating with one of the biggest talents the scene has seen in the recent past. This resulted in an intense collaboration where the styles of these producers shine in a perfect equilibrium.

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