The dance music clock never stops ticking and prolific artist CØDE keeps it going with first single of 2020 called “Alarm

Portuguese talent Gonçalo Julião, better known to the world as CØDE is on a roll. The ½ of Club Banditz dedicated himself full force to his solo alias in 2018 and (especially) 2019 and it shows: With 15 million hits to his name as a result of his stint in NCS (No Copyright Sounds) and over 4 million plays on Youtube, Gonçalo proved to everyone 2019 was the year he made a statement with 5 releases to his name including the well-received “Ghita” released on Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK.

He’s out to show 2020 is gonna be an improved mirror image of 2019, and for that he unleashes “Alarm” onto the world, thus joining forces with popular feminine DJ/Producer Zanova on Peak Hour Music.

The track starts with a quick intro, followed by imperceptible vocals and an alarm sound sample in the background. The first drop’s bass house-y nature is evident, sure to rip speakers all around Portuguese dancefloors, transitioning to the breakdown which recycles some elements and swiftly moves to the second drop, rounding off the 3:13min effort.

Check it out in the link down below!

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