Experienced and famed duo The Outside Agency are back to releases! Their unique approach to Hardcore has always been a fan favorite, despite not being a type of sound that appeals to the masses. Their vast journey through the harder styles began back in the mid 90’s on the famed Mokum Records and since then they’ve built a legacy around their name that’s unmatched by anyone in the scene.

Their latest EP features two tracks that further cement their legendary status.

The A side is called The Opposites. The whole track seems to be somewhat built upon the vocal sample that’s taken from the TV Series Cloak and Dagger, which can be interpreted as someone talking about a relationship and the chemistry between two people. The beginning of the track is rather interesting as it builds up with a breakbeat only to wind back down immediately to a break with the vocals. The climax hits you in the face in an uncompromising way, with a punchy kick. The kick and bass combination just before the outro in insanely devastating, with a distorted bass that sounds amazing.

The B side is More Primitive. As the name may suggest, the atmosphere of this track is darker. The intro is worthy of a suspense scene in a movie, with spoken word vocals taken from a TV series as well, which discuss fake people and how easy it is to see their true selves. We’re then led through an intense climax filled with deep kicks and crunchy basslines. In the outro, we’re surprised with a drum machine breakbeat, sounding almost like a garage band doing a jam!

Those who are fans of a darker, more underground Hardcore sound will certainly enjoy this EP. Let us know what you think about it on our socials!

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