Looking to start 2020 with an unforgettable EP, Jauz tears the scene up with his “Dangerous Waters” EP, the start of a new chapter in the life of the Los Angeles based DJ and Producer.

Just one week into 2020, Jauz premiered “Dangerous Waters” through an innovative and unique live concert experience, that was then adapted to a virtual reality scenario, allowing fans anywhere in the world to tune in and get a first glimpse of the EP. Considered by many one of the best premieres ever, Jauz and his team definitely take the cake in what regards creativity, giving everyone a phenomenal experience.

Composed by 5 outstanding productions, this rather peculiar EP only contains one single, with the remaining being top tier collaborations with some of the hottest names in the scene.

Starting out with the previously released “Bring Em Back”, this collaboration with Tynan holds nothing back. From the enticing melody to the sirens and followed by a wonky bass driven fast paced drop, this one lacks nothing and deserves to be played on mainstages worldwide.

Dangerous” is the track that follows and giving it a Jaws movie like feel, it is greeted with eerie vocals as it pursues its prey. With nowhere to escape, this predator that had been on the hunt explodes in the form of the exciting drop that is presented to us. It’s undeniable that this collaboration with Jump System is the perfect combination of both their genres, making “Dangerous” one of the hottest tracks of January.

Together with Franky Nuts comes “There For You”, a track that feels metal/emo inspired, featuring smooth vocals and a continuous growth on the track until reaching its climax. An ode to the high pitch growls that gave modern dubstep its essence is presented beautifully in the drop. An overall pleasing track that is wonderful to listen to, and will no doubt be a fan favorite to many.

Transitioning to one of the most exciting collaborations so far is “The Beat”, together with Danish trio known as Nonsens. It is hard to describe the energy that emanates from this track, but one thing we are sure of is that this is the perfect track for underground bass house artists to play. A track so light yet so filled with life that it will have anyone and everyone “Rock to the rhythm of the beat”.

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Get To Me” is the one single in the album, to help conclude the wonderful EP that “Dangerous Waters” was. Holding in its core melodical and mesmerizing vocals, the track progresses with a stunning combination of piano chords with a percussion that helps to give it even more life. A drop so dynamic and complex that makes the track perfect for both radio and live performances.

Dangerous Waters” contains just the perfect amount of diversity in genres, and though most of the tracks are collaborations, it still feels like it is a Jauz project. Though many would argue that they would prefer if it contained one or two singles more, we’d have to differ because these collabs allow the EP to hold a high complexity level, never losing Jauz’s signature sounds and characteristics.

Overall, “Dangerous Waters” is a beautifully composed project, and it shows exactly how dynamic and creative his work can be when working alongside other creative geniuses.

Let us know your thoughts on this masterpiece by listening to it down below! Here is Jauz with “Dangerous Waters“!

[REVIEW] Jauz explores new depths with "Dangerous Waters" EP
Favorite tracks
  • Get To Me
Least favorite tracks
  • Bring Em Back
8.3Overall Score

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