Mike Williams is no stranger to the dance music community and he made a name out of himself and the amount of instant hits he released so far is impressive. He just brought out a single: Make You Mine.

That’s right, this one features everything you could expect from a Mike Williams track. Beautiful chords, beautiful vocals and beautiful lyrics. Combining his signature sound to a fresh combination of new and renewed ones, this one will pop inside your head more than you would expect.

After tracks like Wait Another Day with Mesto (which is nearly surpassing the 30 million listens on Spotify), I’m Not Sorry with Hardwell and even his solo production I Got You, Make You Mine is here to make you dance, jump and enjoy the melodies that Mike wants to keep hung in your head.

This one is out now under Spinnin’ Records and you can stream it everywhere. You can also do it here and let us know what you think about it!

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