Fans of Hardcore from all over the globe are used to a world tour from the biggest label of the scene (Masters of Hardcore) and the first event is just about two weeks apart from taking place at the Adrenaline Stadium, located in the Russian capital city, Moscow.

All events from this record label are famous for having its official anthem, some of them even make part of the most iconic tracks until today like The Third Invasion from the italian queen of Hardcore, Anime, for the Masters of Hardcore Austria 2018, and 2020’s “invasion” of Russia couldn’t break such a tradition, therefore, Relentless is the official name of this year’s anthem.

After participating in 2016 for DJ/Producer contests of events like Dominator and Ground Zero, and winning all of them, Access One is not a strange name to anyone in the harder genres anymore and is now the one responsible for adding a new member to the iconic set tracks that deliver the joy of shouting, as loud as you can, the inimitable vocals “Masters Of Hardcore!”.

In this tune, you’ll get to listen to an atmosphere that may remind you of classical music due to the choir and strings that Access One added to it as a fine complement to the synths used. In addition to this, Relentless will also bring you refined kicks and vocals from the one and only, MC Tha Watcher.

Here is the line-up:

Angerfist Live
Deadly Guns
Tha Playah
Furyan Live
Access One
Hosted by MC Tha Watcher

You can get your tickets here, buy the anthem at or just stream it down here:

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