Sound Rush are an unavoidable duo in the harder styles and for very good reasons! Their path to the top ranks of the harder styles has been well paved with all their exceptional tracks and awesome live performances. They’ve been on a roll with stuff like Army of Fire, Untamable, Breakaway and Together As One, among others, and they now present Sticks & Stones!

The track’s main theme is around the “sticks and stones” catch phrase. It starts right off with a variation of it, inciting the listener to disregard badmouthing and negativity. We then get a deep kick with a round bass underneath that’s rather pleasing. There’s a really cool breakbeat accompanying the vocals on the break and then we have an insane melody that’s very characteristic of these guys’ tracks. The build up is perfect – not too short, neither too long and the track drops marvelously into a mix of kicks and melody made in heaven.

This is one of those tracks that you cannot skip for being both addicting and very well produced. However, we didn’t really expect anything else from Sound Rush given their track record! It’s also important to mention that they released it on Rave Culture, a label under the wings of Armada and spearheaded by W&W. This proves that Sound Rush are now relevant on their own, and transcend the Hardstyle scene!

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