Yesterday afternoon, Davide aka Malice released a creepy banger, showing a mix of feelings around it. “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!”

After complicated days around this gentleman, this bomb has served to release all the anguish and sadness that life sometimes gives us.

The track begins with sentimental vocals with deep lyrics about feelings that remain from the past, taken from a Three Days Grace track. Then it quickly winds up with metal-like vocals from a Slipknot song just before the climax. Once it drops, it’s absolute madness, with a lot of kick variations. Including a very deep kick to switch between them was a very interesting detail. The more melodic part in the break also helps in making this one solid track.

Sometimes life catches us with such surprises and the best way to get around is definitely to do what we like best, do what we are happiest to do, have no negative thoughts and be stronger than sadness. That’s what Malice has done, and he now expects to inspire his fans to overcome all obstacles in life!

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