Denon DJ just threatened to crush Pioneer on the controller game, releasing two brand new options for DJ’s worldwide.

Denon is definitely making moves lately. The company has risen from the ashes and where once stood a dying, aging company, now stands a DJ equipment powerhouse capable of standing up to the reign of Pioneer’s hegemony.

Around this time last year, Denon changed the game of standalone DJ controllers with the Denon DJ Prime 4, the first complete 4-channed standalone DJ controller, the most prized possession a mobile DJ may want. And now here we stand, almost one year later, and Denon once again completely flips the market on its head with the release of two new controllers: The Prime 2 and the Prime Go.

Denon DJ Prime 2

Let’s start with the most understated one, the Prime 2. It shares much of the features of its big brother – the Prime 4 – with the exception of the smaller 7-inch screen (as opposed to a 10-inch) and filter knobs below the three-band EQ (instead of Sweep FX one finds on the Prime 4). Apart from that, the Prime 2 is almost a carbon copy of the big boy, sporting performance pads, Denon’s own Pitchbend feature, full browse controls, and much more. While the Prime 4 is more aimed at full-fledged mobile pros, the more compact Prime 2 targets the “pro-sumer” market that is above base level of skill, but doesn’t want to shell out the big bucks for the flagship controller.

Denon DJ Prime Go

As for the Prime Go, this is where things get really interesting. The absolute mad lads over at Denon managed to cram the vast majority of features the Prime 2 has in an even smaller form factor whilst still adding a battery. That’s right, no power cable needed.

This intriguing addition to the Prime lineup is constructed out of metal, for a more polished feel. On the feature side of things, the Prime Go has Play/Pause controls, smaller jogwheels, looping controls and stripped-down performance pads for your cues and roll, a 7-inch touchscreen with full Engine software build right in, browse controls and more. The arrangement of said controls is…” interesting”, to say the least, with the horizontal EQ pots popping out like a sore thumb. It’s also a thick boy, and rightfully so in order to accommodate the 4-hour battery. The Prime Go is a fair compromise for mobile DJs looking for either a backup system or something to prepare their tracks on.

Denon DJ’s full Prime lineup

As for pricing, the Prime Go and Prime 2 will be available for 999$ and 1399$ respectively, all scheduled for release to the general public on the first quarter on 2020.

On a more personal note, Denon is absolutely smashing it out of park by doing something Pioneer has continuously refused to do for many years: listening to customer feedback. By doing so and arming itself with partnerships with top clubs and DJs, Denon is taking the fight right to Pioneer’s front porch, and unless Pioneer rise to the occasion, it won’t be long until Denon becomes the go-to brand for your DJ-equipment needs.

Check out the official promo videos below.

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