After being a while away from production, Dyro made his big return at STMPD RCRDS last year, and he just dropped the final track Mind The Grind of his latest EP Bombai.

In fact, last year he took one of the biggest jumps and climbs to the top of his entire career and after releasing multiple singles under Martin Garrix‘s label, including his big collab with the label boss, Latency, he started releasing unique records, with unique sounds and artworks, leading up to what fans have been expecting: a full EP.

That’s right, starting off with the one that gives the EP its name, Bombai turned out to be a crowd favorite and the powerful leads and melodies will make you understand why. Then, the one that just came out in 2020: Mind The Grind. This one is a bit heavier, bringing back those big room-ish vibes that we used to get. Finally, Goliath, Free and Masquerade bring out everything that Dyro has learned over the years. His production techniques are at their finest and these tracks will show you that.

The Bombai EP is finally out and you can stream it now. Make sure you listen to it and let us know what you think!

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