Denon has updated both their higher end mixer and DJ player series, with the addition of the X1850 in the first category and the SC6000 and SC6000M on the second one.

Denon has a rather interesting set of hardware here with a lot of great features, starting with one of the most obvious – the motorized platter that distinguishes the SC6000M model. Another thing that truly stands out just by look at the pictures is the generous touchscreen (a 10.1’ one) that seems buttery smooth together with the integrated Engine OS.

The devices also boast uncompromising audio quality – with 24-bit 96kHz dual outputs, with FLAC, ALAC and WAV support, and the “2-Players-in-one” feature, expanding enormously the capabilities of a single player. Another interesting quirk here is that there’s plenty of options if you’re tired from the now standard USB stick for your tunes library. Want to stream directly from your favorite music services? Just connect via WiFi or cable and you’re good to go. Not enough? You can go all the way and pop in your hard drive!

The X1850 is also a fine piece of equipment. Besides all the interesting features listed on Denon’s website, such as the dual USB connections, the backlit touch strip intended to assist with effects and the locking IEC, Denon took it to Facebook to say the internal circuitry has been updated based on the feedback from clients using the older models.

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