Hatom spared no time after being signed to Spoontech and already put out an astonishing release! Named Nymphomanic, we’re pretty sure this one’s going to make your speakers tremble!

Right away as the track starts you can see why the artwork is rather devilish – the vocals through the track were treated in a rather spooky and devilish way! Right out of the gate we’re also treated with a kick that takes punchiness to the extreme, and some breakbeat to go along. As we progress through the track, it only gains more and more momentum and aggressiveness, with the vocals contributing to the overall heaviness. The kick and bass variations, along with the background sounds take us through an absolute journey.

This producer has been on a roll as of lately. He has a rather outside the box approach to Hard Dance, with tunes like Strong Element and The Ritual, and the breathtaking Out of Time EP back at his former label, The Funky Cat. Now he just seems to be taking everything one step above and he’s taking full advantage of being in a really good label to show his worth to the world. This track is definitely worth a listen, so go ahead and do it!

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