Retrospect is one of those artists that we really like, not only for his style but also because he doesn’t disappoint us! Very high quality tunes release after release, and this is another one that deserves a huge highlight. Amplify sees him join MC Coppa on a release on Scantraxx Silver!

The track kicks off with great vocals from MC Coppa and then progresses though the mid-intro with a bouncy kick and bass combination. The break has really cool rap verses that aren’t something we usually see, but fit really well with the overall track. The climax drops a bit out of the blue, which really pleased me personally. We’re then treated to a dreamy melody full of energy, in the style we’re used to from the artist’s latest releases.

If you you’re not a usual reader here and have never heard of Retrospect, he’s been absolutely smashing it lately. He’s soon shown he’s a talented guy when he started at Fusion, and he’s now releasing banger after banger. We’ve previously featured Let Me Fly and more recently Flying Way Beyond. If you’re into Hardstyle with summer vibes and energetic melodies, this is the guy you want to follow!

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