Tomorrowland legend Yves V collaborated with Ilkay Sencan, pulling a step of Eminem’s book and taking Dido’s “Thank You” to new heights.

The Belgian DJ/Producer has been around the block a couple of times. Born Yves Van Geertsom, the Antwerp native is now a top figure in the dance music world. Rising to popularity after becoming a resident DJ along with the Thivaios brothers on Tomorrowland, which still stands today. From then, a successful career followed, with millions of plays on Spotify and collabs with Afrojack, Krewella, Basto and even remixing Timbaland and Missy Elliot.

His partner on this this endeavor might be unknown to most of you but oh my is Ilkay an undiscovered gem. Ilkay Sencan has been sampling and revamping songs of old days for a while now, and a quick listen to his Spotify page should be more than enough to convince you, with his tracks not being shy of the millions of plays as well.

A partnership with Yves V had to make sense, and it totally did in “Not So Bad”. After Eminem took care of Dido’s classic hit “Thank You” and created “Stan” 20 years ago (my god I’m old), now comes Yves and Ilkay’s turn. Starting out with the now iconic lyrics, we’re quickly introduced to a Brazilian bass style beat featuring undulating bass and sparkly synths. The breakdown takes full advantage of Emie’s beautiful voice before kicking off the second drop, thus wrapping up 2:33min of good vibes for your ears!

So do them a favor and click the link down below to give it a listen! Perhaps rewind the clock a bit and check out Eminem’s revamp as well!

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