For this episode of the Imminent Radioshow we’ve had the honor having rising artist and all-round nice guy Nelson Melim – stage name: Kickdrum!

Let me introduce Nelson Melim, a.k.a Kickdrum. He’s a producer that’s been on the scene for about 8 years now, focusing on a wide range of House music styles, and his latest single “Back & Forth”, he’ll surely leave a good impression on you! Supported by Hardwell, Dada Life, Club Banditz and even featuring a release on Revealed Recordings called “Loco Funk”, Kickdrum is here to bring the party! We asked him the usual questions and this is what he had to say:

How was your start as an artist?

Everything begins in 2011 with an older friend that used to go out at night to clubs, and he showed me Virtual DJ. It was just a simple music mixing program and from that a passion for music ignited, not just to hear it and play it but for producing my own music. I start searching more and more about different styles, and paid close attention to the track separation and its instruments.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration begins with life’s moments, what we go through in our daily lives, and of course in my inspiration from others. I always watch the big festivals and videos from producers, not only in my style but in different ones as well, the big artists like Hans Zimmer and so on. I love the energy and the feelings that Ultra’s or Tomorrowland’s audience has, it’s something that I want to have one day: to feel what the artists feel when they see the public vibrating with their music.

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

My biggest obstacle was and still is the lack of time. When I started, I was studying and once I got home, I had the free time needed to explore and mix something. I always had the backup of my family and friends, they have never let me down. I feel like I always have to try harder, to dedicate more time to this… it’s always a feeling of  “I should do more”, but it’s always hard to find the time between balancing work, family and this hobby that does not put any bread on the table. But I believe one day I will have THE opportunity to show what I can really do and be valued for that!

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