Q-dance just announced a new event, which is a joint venture between them and Art of Dance, named Vaqation!

Q-dance is inviting all the orange hearts for a gathering at Zrce Beach in Croatia from 24th to 28th August to experience “the ultimate all-in 1 party destination”. According to the organization, they will host top labels and artists to make this a remarkable experience, promising pool parties, signature shows and all sorts of fun activities. Not many details are available on the event as of now, however we know that Travel & Stay Packages start at 349€.

If you usually keep an eye on festivals, or if you’ve went to Hard Island previously, you know that this is the location where said festival was hosted. It appears that said festival is having issues, with its name, domain and email allegedly being hijacked by an organization that is supposedly trying to gain advantage by using the festival’s name, according to the organization. This new entity will apparently make a “new” Hard Island. If this event is going to happen, it will be interesting having two events focused on the harder styles with a similar concept may push both organizations to break boundaries and bring everyone the best party experience ever!

[Updated on 28/12/2019 to reflect the ongoing issues with Hard Island and their court case with their accommodation and ticketing provider]

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