The latest release at Art Of Creation will make both old and new fans of Hardstyle rejoice. It’s an EP with remixes for two very acclaimed Noisecontrollers tracks!

The remix pack kicks off with Jay Reeve’s vision of the classic Shut Up, a track originally made along with The Pitcher. In the mid intro we’re treated to a punchy kick, which leads to a very interesting break with a tribal vibe. Both the original melody and vocals are extensively used, respecting the original quite well, keeping the energetic vibe the track originally had.

Next up we have the remix that won the Promises remix contest! It’s from a seemingly unknown artist named Union, who did a generally well made remix that also respects the original, without taking too many risks, and that contains many elements that are really similar to the track it derives from. The vocals had a nice treatment, the build up is quite energetic and the slight melody variation in the climax is also interesting!

So what do you think about the remixes? Did Jay Reeve’s remix live up to the expectations? Was Union a fair winner of the contest? Let us know through our socials!

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