A defining anthem for an entire generation and the track that catapulted Skrillex to stratospheric heights is now 8 years old.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Flashback to 2011, as big room was on its inception with tracks like Sandro Silva & Quintino’sEpic” making the rounds. On the electro house side of things, a young man known as Hardwell was smashing it with “Three Triangles”, W&W were a trance duo and Showtek produced hardstyle. Dance Music’s current panorama was just starting to evolve to what it is now, but one of today’s biggest innovators was already making an impact: enter Skrillex.

The year before, a fresh faced Skrillex had entered the scene in full force with the now legendary “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. It was a completely new and revolutionary sound unknown to the general public, which quickly made its mark: in November 2011, Sonny won the first (three) of many Grammys to come. But on the 23rd of December 2011, Skrillex unleashed onto the world “Bangarang” ft. Sirah.

Continuing his yet unbroken stream of surefire hits, “Bangarang” mixed cultural references with sounds that are completely insane to this day. Starting out with a plucky guitar sound, the now iconic vocal kicks in. The sudden stop and transition to the drop we’re all well acquainted with kicks in, revealing growls, screams, a thumping beat and an apparent mess of sounds to the untrained ear. But to us fans, it’s a blend which encapsulates 2011 in a nutshell perfectly.

So please, indulge in this small slice of nostalgia for your listening pleasure. Merry Christmas!

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