Army Of Hardcore – The Indoor Festival is a famous event not only due to its line-ups but mainly because of the day in which it takes place, the 25th of December AKA Christmas day. The 11th edition is just 1 day apart from opening the gates and, apparently, it is following the tradition just on point of this very special date, by releasing the official anthem for free download at

Born For Hardcore is the name of the EP released for Terror Machine Records (in which you will found the anthem and a remix of it made by The Motordogs) that results from the combination of 3 unique elements, being the first part the german duo Hatred, a name famously known for bringing the heaviest Uptempo to anywhere they go, with heavily distorted kicks flawlessly combined with wicked atmospheres.

The second part of this recipe is no one else than Unproven, a man that knew since a very young age that his passion was Hardcore music and, after only 9 years from it, at 25, the artist has already two albums out, both released in a short time space of only a year.

The third and last step of the recipe for “Born For Hardcore” may be its special touch. We are talking about MC Tha Watcher, one of the most iconic voices in the Hardcore scene. You will also be able to see him hosting the mainstage 1 at Army of Hardcore.

The event is just one day away from happening in Germany, although, you still can buy your tickets (only 1% left) and see all the detailed info here.

As mentioned previously, you can download this new mad bomb from this 4 gentlemen for free here, or just stream it down here:

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