If you are still not convinced to buy the ticket for the upcoming event in Braga, The Promised Land, this may help to convince you a bit more.

Alex T and Dreamrz will perform a very unusual Live Act and a debut on the Portuguese Hard Scene.

“The Lost Realm Live” will consist of joining DJ’ing with a beautiful electric guitar live, interesting, huh?

“The Lost Realm” is one of the collaborations Alex T and Dreamrz have, and from the time it was played at events, the audience reacted well to the song. We can’t wait for the release!

I spoke to Alex T personally asking him what was his opinion about the promising Portuguese duo (click here to find out more about them) and he answered this:

“When I first met them, I didn’t want to believe they were only 15 because of their flamboyant talent. When I realized how old they were, I wanted to grab them and help them as much as I could, I proposed a collab. Amazing idea. It’s definitely my best work. They are incredibly talented and for some reason we have 4 collabs on the way.”

The interest in innovating was such that this live set will promise a lot! To get your ticket just talk to Alex T through Instagram and he will tell you what procedures you should dpi! See you in Braga!

Be sure to share your expectation on this amazing party on socials using the hashtag #LetUsTakeYouToThePromisedLand

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