Those who are usual readers here have certainly heard of Louis, one of our favorite upcoming producers! He has a new release, this time a bootleg of Martin Garrix’s success Used To Love.

The track starts off with soothing ambient sounds and the vocals from the original. After the vocal break, a huge melody fills the speakers, coupled with the build up, and next thing you know it, the track drops to a deep and punchy kick, with the climax having an interesting breakbeat effect towards the end of the climax. Right after, the track winds down to the vocals again, but doesn’t really leave much time for the listener to catch his breath. The second climax is similar to the first, but interesting in its own way due to the very lively screech just before the end.

This is yet another amazing track that showcases this young man’s capabilities. As we’ve said when we previously featured the artist in August, it seems that his production skills are improving quite a lot, and he surprised us on this one because since then he’s improved even further.

Maybe all this calls for an original track with what he’s learned thus far…? Only time will tell, but we certainly hope one will come out in the near future!

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