The Promised Land is definitely an event that’s getting an all star lineup with the names confirmed thus far. This time round we have In-Rush as the latest name being confirmed.

He’s undeniably one of the finest in the art of the harder styles. Being the creator and founding father of the Hardstyle Portugal community, his mark on the Hardstyle scene in his home country is undeniable.

He came from a background connected to Hardcore and eventually settled on Hardstyle and has been improving his technique for years. He is known for tracks like The Gift of Music, together with Kaiser-T, Restless, and the numerous unreleased tracks he tends to share snippets of either via his Instagram stories, or on his live performances.

He’s most recently performed at We Love Hardstyle, having performed at many other editions at the event, and he’s also booked for the next one in February. He also took the stage at Dancefloor this past summer to introduce a new collaboration with Kaiser-T. Signed to Hard Music Records, he now has a platform to showcase all his unique productions, and we certainly hope he does so in 2020!

Stay tuned for more confirmations for this amazing party, as they’re not over yet! Tickets can be bought by PM’ing the host, Alex T.

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