Well then, nothing better than a Friday 13th to have access to another great Gravedgr theme that is slowly unraveling the songs of the album.

Welcome to the world of Gravedgr, this mysterious DJ is increasingly spreading terror and captivating more fans of his style, and wherever he goes he clearly makes his mark. With all the hype that he has, he has also taken the opportunity to slowly show the songs that will be in the first album that will come out in 2020 with no date yet to be born from the grave.

We can already hear “6 Feet Under” and this time Gravedgr presents “Wardogz” with the duo City Morgue. Undoubtedly, Gravedgr’s Hard / Raw-Trap is combined with an excellent vocal, making this, in addition to the second theme of the album, another great job and shows know-how in interacting with other styles, fitting perfectly.

With only two themes the expectations are quite high for what may come, and for those who like this style, it is one of the albums to consider in 2020. With many surprises still hiding, what will Gravedgr take out of the hat? We can only wait for more amazing themes.

Listen below the new track of Gravedgr with City Morgue:

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