16-year-old bass house wonder-boy SOXX is on a roll and defining his sound with each and every single, this time with his latest effort “Rules 15”.

Mark our words: SOXX is on the rise, and f-a-s-t. At just 16 years of age, this youngster already shows a whole load of talent. After his debut single just last year, he’s been on the prowl releasing literal tons of new music regularly (with many more in store), conjugating quantity and quality in a unique manner.

Taking into account his age, you’d think he would only be getting started, but boy are you wrong: at such a young age – REMEMBER, 16! – SOXX is already a label owner, along with budding Vietnamese artist Steji. Together, they curate and control Feuille Vierge – translation: “Blank Sheet” – where they support other artists on the journey to recognition. A very fitting name to say the least.


Looking to end what was an amazing 2019 on a high note, SOXX caught Brohug’s watchful eye, and now releases a brand spanking new single entitled “Rules 15” on Brohouse. Starting out with basic percussion, we’re quickly introduced to the chilling airy vocals, which supports the track’s core structure nicely.

The first drop captures one’s ear with a catchy beat, featuring underground vibes all round, a nice contract to the ghostly breakdown and introduction. The second drop engulfs your ears in bass, finishing a magnum opus of bass house. A bit different to SOXX’s usual sound, but a track that puts his versatility out in the open. Give SOXX a follow, this kid is going places.

You can check out the track in the link down below.

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