Young talent Uncaged strikes again and releases his latest track, Together, on Rough Recruits, featuring amazing vocals from Alee.

The track begins with Alee’s vocals and a pace setting kick and bass, preparing the listener to what’s coming next. Then the first break comes, and here you can see that the basis for this track is the amazing lyrics that talk about pushing through boundaries together and on how wonderful life is when you make your journey in good company. The first drop is anti-climatic, but just before the second one there’s an intense build up with the vocals, and then the track unleashes all the roughness from the kick and bass together with the insane melody… and this is definitely a very addicting one. The track is absolutely amazing, and a hymn to friendship, and is a very well thought out piece of music.

No Hardstyle fan will be indifferent to this one. Things like union and friendship are amongst the most appreciated themes in the scene, so this song will most certainly strike success. And you’ll also agree that “together is a wonderful place to be”! An absolute piece of poetry is what these lyrics are, all neatly wrapped up in an amazing package of Hardstyle in its purest form!

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