That’s right, one of the most famous festival brands is making their debut on Iberian lands and they just announced they will have their event hosted in Spain: Ultra Beach Costa Del Sol!

You can’t really not know what Ultra is, but if you don’t, they are one of the biggest dance music festival organizers and they’ve had their events present all around the world. From the famous Ultra Music Festival, in Miami, to Ultra Europe, in Croatia, and multiple other events in places such as Australia, South Africa and Abu Dhabi, they are really making an effort to bring quality dance music to everyone on the planet and now they decided to do it for the Iberian people.

This is actually exciting news, as the festival organizers are getting closer to Portugal and we can only dream for a festival like this to take place in Portugal.

There’s not much information to be added, as the registration has opened today and you will soon be able to buy tickets for this promising ‘beach party’. It will take place on June the 13th and it will be a one day event.

You can now register for a chance to buy your ticket here, so make sure you do it!

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