General Guyble has just released a new banger, Anarchy and Riot, for Pure-Massive Records, a german records label responsible for disclosing the heaviest beats from the sub genres of Hardcore, such as Mainstream, Uptempo or Industrial.

General Guyble is an artist with a huge background when it comes to music production, he “started first by playing his favourite Punkrock and Metal songs on his guitar and producing Hip Hop”, according to his bio on his social networks. The producer has also a total number of 19 official released albums and had a top 20 hit in the german black charts. Nowadays, besides producing Hard tracks, he is a recognised sound designer, having a couple of Hardstyle and Rawstyle Samplepacks on Industrial Strength Samples.

Anarchy and Riot is not just the name given to the single, it is also a warning of what you may feel when listening to this tune. The track is composed of several violent (with a Industrial style) kicks and powerful snares, combined with synths and beats inspired by one of this artist’s former styles, Hip-Hop, that give it that little touch of a “gangster” vibe.

An extra point adding to Anarchy and Riot is the voice and lyrics of Killer MC, a Scottish artist with the duty of making vocals, writing songs and hosting events, signed to Dequinox bookings.

You can buy it on or just stream it down here:

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