Everyone knows the good guy Jonas Aden is in the community and the genuine goodness that comes out of him and with this new iniciative, he is giving out 10000$!

In fact, Jonas saved this big amount of money over the last year and he’s giving it away to someone who deserves and needs a boost to pursue their dream of making music. He called it the Aden Award.

The winner will win a 10000$ fund that will help him buy anything he needs to accelerate his music career progression. From instruments, to software, plugins, to building a brand new studio, it’s really up to the winner. In addition to that, Jonas will be a mentor for the winner for a year, giving feedback to anything and everything.

The contest is targeted to everyone who loves music and loves producing, writting or even singing. The one main criteria is the fact that the winner needs to be really talented. It is open for all ages, even if you’re under 18, you just need a legal guardian’s permission and you can enter as a solo act, a duo or a trio, but you can only enter once.

Jonas’ will choose the winner himself, having in mind the talent, the quality of the music, the potential he sees on it and how beneficial the award would be.

The contest is now open and it will stay that way until December 31st, so if you’re an upcoming musician and would like to have a boost to get your career started, this is the perfect opportunity!

If you want to apply, you just need to enter this LINK and follow all the steps! You can watch Jonas’ video explaining all this here:

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