“Grandpa” Drokz shows he’s still here to kick some ass with his latest album, Defender of Terror! This album is proof that age isn’t getting to him, and he’s still fresh as he’s always been.

This masterpiece counts with 15 tracks and just above an hour of pure Terror! It includes many tracks that are already fan favorites, such as Phonking Like A OG and the collab with Furyan, named Worst Enemy, but has many other interesting tracks featuring the heavy kicks, high tempo and the rattling snares we’re used to!

Some tracks we’d like to highlight are Eyes Are Closed, for its insane atmosphere that contrasts aggressiveness and softness, The Vietnam War for its sheer roughness and aggressiveness, Failure for being an absolute 13 minute journey and Wild For The Night with its vocals that say everything: “wild for the night, fuck being polite!

For those that don’t know him, Drokz is an absolute legend in the scene. He’s known for the Thunderdome scream and has been in the scene for more than 20 years. He’s seen all trends in Hardcore come and go, so the album title fits quite right – if there’s a man responsible for keeping the Terror sounds safe, it is him, and absolute keeper of the genre.

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