After his recent switch to Scantraxx, which by itself is a big step in his career, Requiem took a huge challenge. And when we say huge, we mean it – he remixed the classic Music In You from Sylenth & Glitch, released on Scantraxx back in 2008! The original itself aged quite well, but you can definitely feel it is heavily outdated for rotation on big stages nowadays… So Requiem decided to take this magical track and port it to 2019!

More often than not, artists attempting to remix such tracks end up not honoring the original. This is not the case with Requiem’s version, where the original structure of the track remains pretty much the same. The iconic vocals are extensively used as well. The build up is very similar to the original, but with the melody truly popping out like crazy, which sounds amazing, along with the extremely heavy kick and bass that surrounds the lead melody, and the very well designed kick rolls. The second climax pitches everything up, making for an interesting variation.

This in itself was definitely worth having the artist switch labels for sure! But hopefully the future is bright for this young man and we’ll see him releasing more and play on bigger stages!

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