Hexagon Records has launched multiple brilliant new artists since the label was first created by Don Diablo and one major example of that is the guy we’ll talk about today: JLV.

Joel Vels (JLV) always had a passion for music and the art of creation and from the moment he started producing and the instant he put his hands to work, big things were expected from him and he’s been collecting the recognition he deserves.

He just released his latest single, Never Coming Down, and it is a beautiful calm journey through his refined sounds and skills he learnt over the years. You can tell this is the same guy who produced Something Good (his first release under Hexagon) and the fact that he evolved and worked a lot on his production techniques.

From the moment you press play, you immediately start floating over the beautiful melodies and the fresh sonorities that will take you on that ride, and the slightly different chords at the end will make you wish the record was 10 minutes long.

You can now stream this one now and tell us what you think of it!

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