The Machine has been taking his productions to the next level and this is yet another example of the great work he’s been developing and how his sound has been evolving. He decided to Reach For The Skies and thus, yet another amazing release of his came out on the Rough Recruits imprint!

The track starts with the vocals, along with a thumping, pace setting kick and bass. By now you already know this is going to be one of those heavy The Machine tracks, and then suddenly the lead melody kicks in, taking any doubts from the listener that this is going to be a hit. When the climax drops, you get a very well detailed bass accompanying the kicks that’s very pleasant on the ears and will definitely benefit of a good sound system like the ones at festivals. The second climax features a “fake drop”, along with a melody variation, making things end in style.

After dropping astonishing tracks such as Against The Storm and his collaboration with Alphaverb, Lazerbeams, he now presents us with this beauty that you’ll most certainly want to replay many, many times! Maybe time for an upgrade to the main Roughstate label…? Only time will tell! So be sure to follow this guy on his socials to never miss a thing…

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