Talent is definitely something that Anjunadeep doesn’t miss out on, and their prodigy girl Qrion earlier this week delivered a 3 track EP that will make you rethink how far this genre has evolved and how big it can get.

In fact, on her latest work – ‘Sine Wave Party EP‘ – you truly realize what Qrion has been working on over the past few years in the business and how talented she actually is. This 3 track compilation sounds like a playground of sounds, where they all fall together like pieces of a puzzle and the unexpected happens every second in. It truly feels like a Sine Wave Party.

Starting off with the track that gives the EP its name, you’ll instantly realize how it will make you feel throughout this 14 minute compilation. It’s the start of a journey through the mind of the Japanese, ‘Sapporo’ based producer (why else would her EP alongside Spencer Brown be called ‘Sapporo‘).

Then, you’ll hear an instant catchy melody that will stick in your mind for the next minutes. B4 Montreal is super addictive and a true representation of the Anjuadeep sound and most importantly, the sound of the current industry.

Finally, the Outro marks the perfect finale for this EP. You’ll go on a journey you will definitely repeat, as you should. You can finally hear this new EP here and you should also let us know your thoughts on it!

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