Many new tracks were played at the Rebelion party organized by Q-dance to celebrate the 5 years of their career.

One of the tracks that was played, and fans can’t wait for the release, is the bootleg of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Can You Feel My Heart“.

Bring Me The Horizon are a band with a legendary track record that will definitely be in the books for the magnificent production of various rock styles, coming out of the comfort zone, and whatever the sub-genre, their quality is certainly not low. It is literally a dream come true that by 2020 they will come to Portugal to bring it all down!

Rebelion are certainly big fans of this fantastic band and so decided to bootleg one of their biggest hits and the end result is quite spectacular, with a very catchy melody and, as always, very powerful kicks.

We’ve talked about Rebelion a lot on Wide Future and we’ll talk more because they deserve a lot of recognition for how much quality they have and what they’ve been doing. This year has been a real success of this magnificent duo as it is quite unusual to see our dance music DJ’s remix songs from well known bands. Personally, it is something that makes me shiver!

Honestly, we hope to see more of these bootlegs, they are always of immense quality.

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