Long time, no see! Psyched is back with a Hardstyle release after leaving the genre in 2018. Back then he mentioned I Will Kill You would be his last release, but fortunately this was not the case! This isn’t entirely new for the artist, as he did do a performance as Psyched this year at Origins, even after saying last year that Vechtival 2018 was his last gig. But this new track, out on Spoontech, did come a bit out of the blue after a couple of tease posts on socials, and it’s a really nice surprise!

This new track is absolutely relentless and one of the most aggressive tracks ever made in a genre that’s already hard on its own. It’s really dark, with punchy kicks and an absolutely devastating bass. It’s influenced by the Industrial Hardcore sounds, and kicks off right away in full blast. The break doesn’t leave much room to breathe and all of a sudden there’s a drop to yet another hard hitting, unrelenting section.

All this doesn’t mean that the track is lifeless, on the contrary – it features a piercing lead synth that’s very well made, along with discreet “do you hear that?” vocals that suit the spooky atmosphere rather well. It’s the usual quality we’re used to from this artist! But one thing’s for sure, this track was built with the purpose of being a hammering and impacting track on the dancefloor, and to explore the boundaries of roughness within Hardstyle.

Despite all this, Barry saysthis is not a comeback”, and he should continue focusing on what’s now his main alias, Minus 25, a Techno project that you can follow here.

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