Just a couple of days ago, MIXMSTR was introduced to the world as a rhythm game based on the DJ culture.

Launched by game developer Youth Control Games, MIXMSTR is the first of its kind. You start out as a simple guy with the dream of becoming a superstar DJ and selling out shows. But for that, you have to start from scratch.

Upon download, you’re quickly introduced to the game mechanics: your character plays a small gig on the local pub, and you’re given 4 tracks to start out, 2 “red” tracks and 2 “blue” tracks. If you play a “red” track, you’ll get the “red” members of the audience to dance, with the same logic applying for the “blue” members. Now comes the whole premise of the game: you have to “mix” and beatmatch the two tracks, using a simple to learn technique somewhat similar to what one finds on the Guitar Hero games.

The most hilarious part of the game is that artists’ names have been changed to what seems like a low-quality Chinese bootleg of the true thing. Case in point: Steve Aoki becomes Steve Karaoke, Swedish maestro Eric Prydz becomes Derek Grindz and, the most hilarious of them all, Above & Beyond become… Below & Too Close. You’ll also find some real artists like french DJ/Producer Roisto, with more to be added as the game develops.

Apart from this entertaining little quirk, the game features a discreet color palette, simple artwork and game engine, and a very straightforward interface. Overall, a neat little game for dance music fans to try out, which already has more than 100 000 downloads on Google Play.

It’s available to download free of charge via the App Store or Google Play. Check out the game’s trailer in the link down below.

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