Retrospect is back, releasing again on Scantraxx Silver, and if you thought things couldn’t get any better after Paradise and Let Me Fly, you were wrong: Flying Way Beyond blows those two (which were already amazing) out of the water!

This banger kicks off with a soft harp melody and emotional spoken word vocals. When the lead melody kicks off you know you’re already in for an insane voyage with this one. The climax makes the listener feel they’re indeed, flying way beyond the place they’re at. The break is really interesting as it really lowers all the momentum for a few seconds, only to fill up the energy levels right away with the addicting lead melody. The second climax is a variation of the first, with the soft vocals backing it, which contrasts well with the roughness of the nicely designed kick and bass.

There’s no stopping for this young guy and he’s been on fire in the studio lately. This name may already be familiar to you if you’re a usual reader here as we’ve covered his releases previously and he was one of the highlights of our amazing time at Defqon.1! Be sure to check him out live when you have the chance.

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