The young Portuguese DJ is the first to be confirmed at an event to be held in Braga, Portugal.

Who is DEEPHUNTER? You ask. He is a young dreamer who wants to climb his career as a DJ, whose goal is to show the taste he has in doing his work behind the CDJs and the quality he presents to the public. Hugo Miguel aka DEEPHUNTER has performed in various places in his hometown, Leiria, and gradually learns more about the life of a DJ, increasing the quality of his sets and performing in more places to please various audiences.

To hear a bit of what DEEPHUNTER has been doing during this time since starting his career, here is his Mixcloud profile:

Together with his great friend Alex T, who we talked about on our website too, (click here to see) they’re also responsible for making electronic music in Portugal grow every time, little by little, starting in Leiria and ending in various parts of the country.

Hardstyle in Portugal is growing more and more and we can prove it with the artists who have passed by and left their mark in festivals such as Somnii, Dancefloor and Beach Party. The public has asked for more and with the We Love Hardstyle events, the tickets for these shows are becoming more and more desired and with this we prove that this is the beginning of a turn over period for this style of music in Portugal, in a positive way.

The event will take place on March 13, 2020 at the Lagar’s disco in Amares and tickets are on sale! If you want to buy a ticket, it’s only 5 euros and you need to talk to Alex T directly! Do not hesitate and go now!

You’re welcome to interact with who’s going on socials through the #LetUsTakeYouToThePromisedLand hashtag!

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