Latest banger from mystery man Aftershock is for all the heroes that can rave to the harder beats throughout the night! So get your raver cape on, and fasten your seatbelts for Heroes Of The Night!

The track kicks off with a vocal sample and the deep, punchy kick we’re used to from this artist. The break has really dreamy vocals about accomplishing one’s desires, fighting through adversities. During the buildup we get an insane melody tearing through the speakers, that continues through the climax, and is joined by a very crunchy bassline that’s quite delightful! The second climax repeats more or less the same recipe as the first, making sure the track goes out with a bang,

Yet another astonishing production from one of the most consistent producers in terms of quality in the scene right now. After being introduced to the scene earlier this year at Hard Bass, he never ceased to impress and has been an extremely valuable member for the I Am Hardstyle crew!

If you don’t yet know this guy, you can read a bit more about him here and on who is most likely the man behind the mask!

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